Roof Top Management Meeting

Last Month, Roof Hugger's Senior Management team decided to hold a meeting on top of an existing roof that was having Roof Hugger's installed. The project was a large metal-over-metal retrofit roof consisting of over 18,000 square feet of new standing seam metal roofing for Global Archery in Ashley, Indiana.

The existing roof was a tall-clip vertical rib standing seam roof, requiring our Model "T" 4.5" tall Roof Huggers to be installed over. Our Model "T" is a special Hugger that has a field bend-out bracket, for securing the Huggers to the high rib of the old roof. This helps prevent sub-purlin roll during thermal expansion and contraction of the new trapezoidal standing seam metal roof and allows the Huggers to securely attached to the existing roof purlins, when there were tall stand-off SSR clips used

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