Eco Friendly Metal Stampings

Doing our part to help the environment

Logan Stampings continues to be concerned about conserving and protecting the environment. We have always actively worked to use recycled materials when possible and recycle 100% of our scrap material. From Galvanized and Stainless Steel to Copper, Brass and Aluminum, all scrap material can be processed and re-used to produce new material.

Recycling and using recycled materials not only reduces production costs but also conserves precious natural resources and energy.

Eco friendly metal stampings is a way of life at Logan Stampings.  Metal in general is an eco friendly material, however it is what we do with it that makes it even more environmentally friendly.  Metal comes from the earth and at the end of its life-cycle can be recycled down, melted and used again.  This amazing feature helps keep our products out of landfills thus making it more eco-friendly.

Aside from recycling our metals we also recycle 100% of our wood skids, cardboard and other packaging materials. Wood skids received from the delivery of our raw materials are rotated through a package recycling program with our suppliers, reused to ship new product, or recycled once they have outlived their usable lifespan.

Logan Stampings makes a conscience effort every day to be mindful or our environment and what we can do to help preserve its future.

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