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Logan stampings was founded in 1968 in Logansport, Indiana. Original production began in a small building situated on Twelfth Street and in 1970 relocated to 430 South Fifth. Over the next sixteen years Logan Stampings continued to grow and develop into one of the leading metal stamping manufacturers in automotive components. During this time Logan Stampings entered the field of Metal Building components with the production of metal roof clips for ARMCO Metal Buildings.

In October of 1986 an opportunity was presented to purchase a 38,000 square foot facility located at 1100 East Main Street. The facility was purchased and the company relocated to where it still calls home today. At its new location Logan Stampings was able to expand its production and became more involved in the metal building industry with the production of additional metal roof clips. In 2004 Logan Stampings’ facility almost double in size with the addition of a 36,000 square foot warehouse constructed to handle the growth of the company. During this time Robert and Kim Baker purchased Logan Stampings.

Under new ownership the company continued to increase production and expand into new areas. Logan Stampings found the need for increased fabrication capabilities and in 2006 was able to purchase a fabrication company located in Huntington, Indiana.

In 2009 an opportunity to further expand into the Metal Building Industry presented itself with the purchase of BPD (Building Products Development). This purchase provided an avenue that allowed Logan Stampings to not only increase their presence in the production of metal roof clips but also to produce other metal building components.

In 2013 the need for additional space and logistics of the fabrication company sponsored the purchase of a facility located in Peru, Indiana which is now home to LSI Metal Fabrication. The acquisition of Roof Hugger Inc. based in Lutz, Florida, took place in 2016 and in 2017 LSI Metal Building Components Group Inc. was formed to join and promote each of the individual companies.


The people at Logan Stampings believe that our success relates to the personalized service that we give each client. We feel that we are “problem solvers” and spare no time or energy in using our design know-how to satisfy each client's needs. We also believe in treating our smaller purchasers with the same respect and attention to detail as our larger clients.  We have clients both locally and internationally.  Regardless of where you are located Logan Stampings can ship direct to you - or your jobsite!


The diverse capabilities of stamping and four-slide machines presents an almost endless  parts potential. Each product is quoted and made to the customers' specifications. As the basic raw material is coil stock (steel, aluminum, brass, copper, alloys) the variety of production is only limited to the needs of the marketplace as met by the inventiveness of the tool set-up men. Some examples of current products (parts) used are:

Automotive Communication
Electrical Office Equipment
Metal Building Components Maintenance Service Equipment
Appliances Farm Equipment
Plumbing Aircraft
Decorative Government


The employees of Logan Stampings and LSI Metal Fabrication believe that our success is related to the personalized service that we give each client.  We are problem solvers and spare no time or energy in using our know-how to satisfy each client's needs.  We are also a very responsive company.  Having a clear line of communication allows us to determine the needs of our customers and how to achieve them using the correct machinery and best methods possible.  We want to be proactive when it comes to the needs of our clients.

Logan Stampings is proud to provide material that is made and manufactured in the United States.

Logan Stampings believes in keeping materials manufactured in the United States.  This value is and has always been important to our company and our clients.  We take pride in our manufacturing and products which is why we have committed to keeping production in the United States - in Logansport Indiana!


Logan Stampings has the capability to ship your product to you or your jobsite.  Our shipping department can take care of shipping locally, nationally and internationally.

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